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Concrete Footings

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Concrete Footings

wall footing or strip footing is a continuous strip of concrete that serves to spread the weight of a load-bearing wall across an area of soil. It is the component of a shallow foundation. A grade beam or grade beam footing is a component of a building’s foundation. It consists of a reinforced concrete beam that transmits the load from a bearing wall into spaced foundations such as pile caps or caissons. It is used in conditions where the surface soil’s load-bearing capacity is less than the anticipated design loads.

A grade beam differs from a wall footing because a grade beam is designed for bending and typically spans between pile caps or caissons, while a wall footing bears on soil and transmits the weight of the wall directly into the ground. It also differs from a strap beam because a grade beam is reinforced to distribute the weight of a wall to separate foundations, while a strap beam is designed to redistribute the weight of a column between footings.

Grade beams may also be used in conjunction with spread footings, in a case with large moments from lateral loads, in order to reduce the size of each spread footing.

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Our firm specializes in complete turn-key pour and finish concrete services for commercial, industrial and multi-family developments. We specialize in Structural Concrete, Foundations, Slab on Grade, Podiums, Retaining Walls, Footings, Piers, Paving and Flatwork.

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